Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keep moving forward

This billboard for Meet the Robinsons was found for a time on a soundstage in MGM, it was one of those that you can only see from the Backlot Tour. There are always new ads up for the latest and greatest on the big and little screens along the tour, from inside the trams to the sides of soundstages. This one caught my eye in particular, I was really looking forward to the movie and come on, who deosn't enjoy all the Disneyland references? It's now been just over a year since Meet the Robinsons came out on DVD (and 19 months since it hit the big screen). While I could try and explain why this movie is so incredible on so many different fronts why not go over to Jeff's commentary at 2719 Hyperion instead? The movie deserved far more recognition than it got, it was much deeper and more entertaining than I possibly could have imagined. Haven't seen it yet? Go out there and rent it today, you'll be glad you did.

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Michelle said...

It appears that the hat style of the future looks rather familiar...a certain mouse comes to mind!