Monday, July 14, 2008

Desktop: Global palm trees

For this week's desktop we have a bit of a different view of the classic Epcot icon Spaceship Earth and the surrounding greenery. There was just something about the way to palm trees and the geometry of the geosphere worked out that caught my eye that day... Outside of the Global Neighborhood entrances at Spaceship Earth were the tall palm trees seen here. Now I've heard they were replaced with smaller ones to match the other side when the wand was removed last year but I forgot to check when I was there this winter. Hopefully the new ones grow quickly as I sort of like having the tall palm trees - especially since there is no way I'll ever see them here at home!

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D.O.C. said...

This is one of my favorite angles. I have a few shots like it, but usually make a note to myself with each trip to include more time framing this. I never seem to have the time. Perhaps in September.