Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Skip Level 13

Looks like Level 13 at the Big Thunder Mine has a bit of an issue. Hard to tell if it is flooded or collapsing or what happened but any way it goes that isn't a stop any more on the way down the main shaft! Just one more detail on the incredible queue in Disneyland - if you have only been to Disney World you are missing out as the queue on the other coast is far more elaborate and detailed, thanks in part to the old Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland set and the town of Rainbow Ridge.

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Mike said...

I worked Big Thunder and always seemed to find something new. I agree with you about the theming for the queue---it is a lot more detailed than WDW's version of Thunder. I particularly enjoy the chatter from the saloon in Rainbow Ridge. I haven't listened closely recently, but back in my day, there was a recording of various folk carrying on in the saloon. Another nice touch.